About us

Hello, I’m Alex. I am 35 years old, soon to be 36. I am a father to two wonderful daughters. Unfortunately, parenthood is not only about pleasant emotions but also the challenges of raising and treating children.

I created this blog with the aim of preserving and documenting my own experience of fatherhood. In ten years, when my children have grown up, I will save this site and pass it on to my daughters. It will be their guide to prepare them for their own journey into parenthood.

A Bit About Myself

Originally from Ukraine, we have been living in Europe for the last two years. We also travel frequently, so you will find content on how to prepare for travel, what medicines to take with you, and the peculiarities of medical facilities in different parts of the planet.

I will compare my experience with life in Ukraine, Europe, Canada, and the USA. In the last two cases, I will rely on the experiences of my friends who have three children in Canada and two in the USA.


I have a technical education. I am a Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Construction since 2015. I have several scientific works related to agriculture and building design. Of course, this is not a medical education, but this education has given me skills in critical thinking, research, and analysis.


In addition to my family, Ultimate Frisbee holds a special place in my heart. In 2016, a month after the birth of my first daughter, my team and I won the national championship. In this sport, I found a culture of mutual support within the team and respect for the opponent, which was absent in other sports I engaged in: karate, football, basketball, track and field.


My professional career was born along with my second hobby – marketing. My first project was a web portal with photographs of my hometown – a slideshow of our streets and landmarks that existed long before my birth and will remain for centuries. The next project that brought me fame among construction engineers was about building standards. At the time, it was the largest project of its kind. Every engineering student in the country used it at least once. These projects were successful because they worked according to a scheme that combined my technical skills and passion.

Later, I moved to a professional level when I got a job.

My Family

While working on my scientific work, I met the best girl in the world. My future wife is also a scientist, but with more soft skills, so she continued her career in management. Unfortunately, God did not give us children right away, but this is also part of the experience I will share. With an interval of 2 years and 10 days, we had two daughters. Since then, my journey of discovery and deepening into the problems of healthy growth, upbringing, and treatment of children began.

Almost every meeting with relatives or friends who have children is an exchange of experiences and difficulties in raising and treating them. It’s somewhat similar to dog owners.

In the first few years, we were inexperienced, we understood little about how a child’s body works, and we also did not understand how to evaluate the work of a pediatrician or how to properly ask questions when treatment is prescribed.

Unfortunately, in the first years, there were many of our mistakes, which I still regret. I hope that this blog and my personal experience will help you avoid my mistakes.


I must warn you that English is not my native language, so please inform me of any inaccuracies or improperly chosen words. This will allow me to make the information clear and useful to you. Just leave a comment or use the contact form.

Take care! Your Alex.

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